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For the Trojans, it's just 'going to take time'

Sometimes watching Chambersburg's football team isn't easy.

The Trojans show such signs of potential, just to commit a silly penalty or give up a big play. But here's what fans need to understand about this new regime: It's going to take time.

Under first-year head coach Mark Luther, Chambersburg has gone back to the basics, and that's exactly what it needed.

After Friday's 41-19 loss to Central Dauphin East, Luther made an analogy that made a lot of sense to me as a writer about how he's grooming these new Trojans:

"You didn't learn how to write sentences in kindergarten," he said. "You had to learn your ABC's, then words, then sentences, and that's what we're doing now as a football team. We're learning our ABC's, but once we learn those ABC's of football, we'll be able to make words, and with words we'll be able to make sentences. We'll be able to put drives together and score points."

But Luther knows it isn't going to happen over night.

Chambersburg got off to a promising start with a victory against Greencastle-Antrim but has yet to win a game since. The Trojans are working with a slew of youngsters, including many of their skill players. Quarterback Tyler Collier is merely a sophomore, and top running back Clay Myers is a junior who did not play varsity last year.

"We're playing with a mix of guys, and we haven't been together that long," Luther said. "You don't just take two or three months and all of a sudden, you have this stellar offense. It's going to take time."

But one thing's for sure for Chambersburg: Luther thinks the future looks bright. He isn't giving up on this season just yet, but also knows there is a lot to look forward to.

"I tell these guys that what I'm excited for is next spring," Luther said, "after we get a winter of work in and doing all the fundamental things, throwing routes and passes. We're going to be a much better team next year just because of time."

It just takes a little patience.