Have you noticed something awesome about James Buchanan's boys basketball team this year?

One night, I went to cover JB on the road at the Big Spring Holiday Classic, and I noticed the Rockets were wearing these:

I thought my eyes were deceiving me, but sure enough, the green-and-white Rockets were wearing gray!

This might be a tradition, but I just noticed it this season, and now my question is - why don't all teams have third jerseys?

Also, how does James Buchanan decide which games to wear its third jerseys? I learned today that the Baltimore Orioles wear black jerseys on Friday nights and orange jerseys on Sunday afternoons.

The game I covered at Big Spring was on a Wednesday, which is an odd day for a league game. But if you think there's something behind the days-of-the-week theory, sorry; the Rockets were clad in green on Wednesday at Shippensburg. Maybe it's a tournament thing?

Who knows, but another question I have about these mysterious alternate uniforms is about the color. Why gray? Are there other JB teams that wear gray? Who decided the third jerseys should be gray? Was there a vote?

I am so curious about JB's third jerseys - mostly because of just how special they are.

Here's a look at the Rockets' in their standard green-and-white's.

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