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YAIAA football scenarios: Dallastown, Suburban and Hanover can all clinch titles in Week 9


With two weeks left in the high school football season, nine YAIAA football teams are still in the mix to win division titles and three have the opportunity to clinch titles in Week 9.

Below, I've broken down the scenarios that would need to play out for each team to clinch a division title in the next two weeks. Keep in mind that if two teams finish tied atop the standings in a given division, the championship will be awarded to the team that won the head-to-head meeting during the season.

Division I

Teams still in the mix: Dallastown (5-0 in division), South Western (4-1), Northeastern (4-1).

Remaining games:

Week 9

Dallastown at Central York

Northeastern at South Western

Week 10Red Lion at Dallastown

South Western at Spring Grove

New Oxford at Northeastern

Dallastown can clinch with: one win OR losses by South Western AND Northeastern

South Western can clinch with: two wins AND two Dallastown losses

Northeastern can clinch with: two wins AND two Dallastown losses

Division II

Teams still in the mix: York Suburban (4-0 in division), West York (3-1), Dover (3-1).

Remaining games:

Week 9

York Suburban at Gettysburg

West York at Dover

Week 10Eastern York at York Suburban

Gettysburg at West York

Dover at Susquehannock

York Suburban can clinch with: one win OR losses by West York AND Dover

West York can clinch with: two wins AND two York Suburban losses

Dover can clinch with: two wins AND two York Suburban losses

Division III

Teams still in the mix: Hanover (5-0 in division), Biglerville (4-1), Bermudian Springs (4-1).

Remaining games:

Week 9

Hanover at Biglerville

Bermudian Springs at Littlestown

Week 10Delone Catholic at Hanover

Biglerville at Bermudian Springs

Hanover can clinch with: a win in Week 9 OR a win in Week 10 AND a Bermudian Springs win in Week 10

Biglerville can clinch with: two wins

Bermudian Springs can clinch with: two wins AND two Hanover losses

There's also a complicated and unlikley scenario in which Hanover loses both of its last two games, Bermudian Springs loses to Littlestown in Week 9 and then beats Biglerville in Week 10. If this happens, there are two possibilities:

1) if York Catholic loses to either of its remaining opponents (Fairfield and York County Tech), the three teams listed above would finish in a three-way tie for first that couldn't be broken with tiebreakers and would be named co-champions.

2) if York Catholic wins both of its remaining games, there would be a four-way tie atop the division of teams with 5-2 records. In this situation, Hanover would be the division champion after two sets of head-to-head tiebreakers (the Nighthawks and Eagles would both be 2-1 against the teams involved and the Nighthawks won that head-to-head meeting).