Now that the 2014-2015 season has come to a close, we wanted to see which school dominated across the board in all sports for all three seasons. So, we decided to put together an "Overall Standings" chart with each school's records for all sports combined.

Which school's athletic program has the most success overall?

In the chart below, the teams are ranked by their winning percentage. This makes it more fair since not all of the schools play the same number of sports.

And the winner is....

.....Central York! They were at the top of this same chart after the fall and winter seasons as well. Pure domination by the Panthers.

That's Interesting:

The Panthers had 22 sports teams who averaged 11.57 wins each. Only 102 losses combined between 22 teams is a very impressive statistic.

Dallastown went 72-44 in the spring to make a late surge, but couldn't quite catch up.

Interesting to see that the top three teams are all from Division I and the bottom four teams are all from Division III/IV.

Among Hanover-Adams area teams, Delone Catholic took the crown. A big winter (basketball, wrestling) and a big spring (track, softball, baseball) pushed the Squire(ette)s up to 7th. What makes that even sweeter for Delone? It's one spot ahead of arch-rival York Catholic.

Uncharacteristically rough year for Dover... (20 teams went 112-180-2 overall..5.6 wins per team)

Who gets bragging rights?

Delone (7th) > York Catholic (8th)

Dallastown (2nd) > Red Lion (3rd)

South Western (11th) > Spring Grove (15th)

West York (5th) > Dover (19th)

Bermudian Springs (10th) > Biglerville (18th)

Who won the spring?

We showed you the breakdown after fall and winter, so which school had the best spring?

...Dallastown, Central, Delone, Gettysburg


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