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Hanover-Adams baseball leaders through April 13

Now that we're almost a month into the baseball season, it's time to take another look at the stat leaders in the Hanover-Adams area.

The lists below contain cumulative stats of all reported games through April 13.

A couple quirks: For pitchers, I've included walk totals with the strikeout leaders to give a better sense of how effective the area's strikeout leaders have been overall. For hitters, I'm still counting extra base hits as one stat since no player has more than one home run. I hope to expand it to doubles, triples and home runs in the next version.

PitchingName (School)                                                Strikeouts (Walks)

1t. Matt Brooks (Spring Grove)                   25 (3)

1t. Alex Smith (New Oxford)                        25 (4)

1t. Noah Ayers (Biglerville)                          25 (8)

4. Coleman Sachs (Fairfield)                       23 (12)

5. Anthony Reed (Spring Grove)                 20 (3)

6t. Jimmy O'Boyle (Delone Catholic)         16 (9)

6t. Hunter Keith (Delone Catholic)            16 (10)

8t. Russell Livesay (Littlestown)                 14 (6)

8t. Chase Long (Biglerville)                          14 (11)

10. Dustin Baker (Fairfield)                          13 (6)

HittingName (School)                                                 Extra-base hits

1t. Zach Brown (Littlestown)                          4

1t. Josh Schultz (New Oxford)                        4

1t. Keegan Romanoff (New Oxford)              4

1t. Toby Sponseller (Bermudian Springs)    4

5t. Brady Topper (Littlestown)                       3

5t. Chase DiPietro (Littlestown)                     3

5t. Noah Ayers (Biglerville)                             3

5t. Miles Francis (South Western)                 3

5t. Logan Reever (Biglerville)                          3