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Gettysburg tennis adjusting to YAIAA life

Like the rest of their fellow student-athletes at Gettysburg High School, the boys tennis team will have to make adjustments in its first season joining the YAIAA.

But unlike many of their sports companions, the Warriors tennis team's adjustment to life outside of the Mid-Penn Conference will come with a twist.

See, the scoring system is completely different in each of the two conferences.

The Mid-Penn used a five-point scoring system: Three singles points and two doubles points.

The YAIAA, though, uses a seven-point system: Five singles and two doubles.

This can throw a wrinkle in a team's strategy, with Gettysburg having to find two more singles players than they used last season.

Are the Warriors ready?

"The format is different, but we are prepared for the change," Gettysburg head coach Brady Rodgers said. "In the Mid-Penn, you still need seven players for a roster, so hopefully those matches last year provided depth that will be important coming into this season."

Rodgers added that numbers wouldn't be an issue for his team this season (they have a 16-man roster), but he would like the YAIAA to consider making a few changes to its format.

"We would actually like to see the league consider the Mid-Penn format to get more players on the court and cut down on length of match," he said.

The Warriors will enter unfamiliar territory when league play starts in late March.

"The Mid-Penn was very difficult at the AAA level, but I do not know what to expect from the YAIAA," Rodgers said. "We are really focusing on our own games and looking for improvement in every match."

A few more tidbits from Rodgers:

-The Warriors will be young. There are only three seniors on the 16-man roster, so Rodgers is looking for young players to step up and fill key positions.

--The Warriors struggled with a lack of depth and injuries during a difficult last season in the Mid-Penn. This year, the team's strength is overall athletic ability, Rodgers said.

--Rodgers' picks for division favorites: York Suburban or York Catholic.

--A few players to keep an eye on this season: Jesse Hsu, Adam Yingling and Zach Kiick.