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5-on-5: Five local hoopsters chime in on biggest rivalries, best gyms to play in and more

With the 2014-2015 basketball season at its midway point, five local hoopsters took some time to speak with GameTimePA reporter Brandon Stoneburg about five topics ranging from biggest rivalries in the YAIAA to toughest players to defend.

Question: Which YAIAA gym other than your own is your favorite to play in and why?

Noah Ayers, Biglerville sophomore guard: I enjoy York Tech’s gym because I see the basket really well there.

Kyle Krout, Hanover junior guard: My favorite gym to play in other than Hanover is probably Delone, but really any old gym is what I prefer. The rims are a little more friendly.

Darius Rowlette, South Western senior guard: I like playing at Carlisle because it is always a hyped-up atmosphere to be playing in.

Tavian Dorsey, Delone Catholic junior guard: I would have to say Hanover because every time we play there, there’s a huge crowd.

Darin Gordon, Spring Grove junior forward: I don’t really have a favorite because every one of them has their own unique qualities, but I do like Central York just because of the atmosphere that their student body and fans bring to every game.

Q: Who is your teams biggest rival?

Ayers: Most people think Bermudian Springs is our biggest rival, but I think Fairfield is because everytime we play them, it’s a good game.

Krout: Again, probably Delone. The game is always extremely hyped-up and the players definitely go after each other.

Rowlette: Spring Grove, of course. They always think they are better than us, when the reality is they are just cocky, not better.

Dorsey: Hanover. We don’t like them and they don’t like us.

Gordon: South Western is definitely our biggest rival. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because we’re so close in location, but all I know is that the rivalry has been there ever since I can remember.

Q: What is your favorite part about game days?

Ayers: The hype before the game because I enjoy playing and competing against other good players.

Krout: Right after school when the team gets together to normally eat. It’s just a fun time, and that’s really when the adrenaline starts to kick in.

Rowlette: Listening to music and getting hyped-up with Brock Geiman.

Dorsey: Just the fact that I have something to look foward to that day


Gordon: The anticipation throughout the whole day during school, and just the opportunity that I have that day to play the sport that I love.

Q: What is your favorite sport to play other than basketball?

Ayers: Baseball because I’ve played it since I was 5 years old and it’s the only other sport that I play.

Krout: Football. It’s my favorite sport other than basketball. It really involves a whole team to buy in, which I love. I also like how mental the game is.

Rowlette: Football because I love getting interceptions and making the offense look bad.

Dorsey: Football because I’ve been playing it basically my whole life & I just love the game so much.

Gordon: My second favorite sport is soccer just because I’ve played it my whole life and it partners well with basketball in terms of foot work, conditioning, and mental toughness.

Q: Who is the toughest player you’ve had to guard and why?

Ayers: Zack Sheets (former Biglerville standout). He was so much taller and stronger than me and when I was a freshmen, he used to beat my butt everyday in practice when we went one-on-one against each other.

Krout: I know it sounds pretty bias, but Dylan (Krieger) is easily the hardest person who I have ever guarded. He uses his body so well to get to the hoop and his footwork is outstanding. Also, his jump shot is really getting better, so now I really don’t know how to defend the kid.

Rowlette: The toughest person I’ve had to guard would have to be Ryan Beck from Dover during my junior year. He is just quick and has a ton of handles, too.

Dorsey: Devon Moore because he’s so quick off the ball and he can make a shot from anywhere on the court.

Gordon: During my freshman year, I guarded Khalid Nwandu (former Northeastern standout and current Mount St. Mary’s guard) for a short time, but I had trouble guarding him because of his quick first step, knock-down jump shot, and decision-making with the ball.