Next up in our Sunday Spotlight series of football player Q&As is a session with South Western tackle/defensive lineman Matt Helwig.

The one person on your team you wouldn’t want to face in a tackling drill: Josh Zeroth. Even though he is younger than me, we both have that mindset where we are aggressive and we could hurt each other if we were colliding forces.

Favorite NFL team: Pittsburgh Steelers

Least favorite practice drill: Mirror drill. It’s where two linemen don’t touch each other. You stay on your line and one guy leads and you constantly move with your man. It is hard to keep concentrating because it gets very boring.

Best nickname on the team: Lineman Jordan Morela. Last year when we got his practice jersey, he picked out an old senior one that had the last name Barrett on it so that became his nickname.

Actor who would play you in a movie about your life: Mark Wahlberg.

The sport you’d be the worst at: Baseball. I would be awful at it. I used to play rec league but the best position I played was the bench.

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