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Spotlight: Q&A with New Oxford offensive lineman Brock Hartman

We sat down with high school players from respective schools and asked quick-hitting questions in conjunction with our 2014 football preview. Here is New Oxford offensive lineman Brock Hartman:

On the new uniforms modeled after the New England Patriots: It’s a good team to be reppin’. They’re a good team with a good coach. I feel like we’re a good team with a good coach. It’s comparable.

What you watch for during a game as a fan: I like to see the chemistry the teams have. That’s what I think makes a good team. That’s what makes things work. It’s not a one-player game, it’s 11 players.

The challenges entering Division I: Greater teams. We had some teams that we beat pretty easily. ... Now, as we’re moving up, it’s every week (New Oxford will face a great team). Every week we’re going to have to bust our butts.

Least favorite practice drill: Up-downs.

One teammate you wouldn’t want to go up against: Max Lippy.

What are your pregame rituals: I always pray and listen to music before the game.

Favorite YAIAA stadium to play in other than your own: Red Lion.

Favorite play call: Belly or any counter-run play where I get to pull and truck someone.

Who is New Oxford’s biggest rival? South Western. We know a lot of those kids so it’s always competitive.

Favorite NFL team: Dallas Cowboys.

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