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Q+A: Who is your team's biggest rival?

During YAIAA Media Day and at practices this week, we asked football players and coaches from all over the league: Who do you think is your team's biggest rival? Is it a neighboring school? Maybe a team you've had close games with? Below are each player and coach's answer.


Devyn Houck, senior O-lineman: Bermudian Springs.

Ryan Dickensheets, junior O-lineman: Bermudian.

Bermudian Springs

Jon DeFoe, head coach: Delone Catholic, Littlestown and Biglerville.

Briton Shelton, senior running back: Delone Catholic.


Colten Ehrhart, junior running back: Delone Catholic.

Garrett Reichart, senior linebacker: Delone Catholic.


Alex Ramos, head coach: Bermudian.

Delone Catholic

Jake Wiles, senior quarterback: Littlestown.

Jake Kadis, senior running back: Bermudian or Littlestown.

Spring Grove

Ziba Topper, senior center: South Western.

Zack Stauffer, senior linebacker: South Western.

New Oxford

Brock Hartman, junior O-lineman: South Western.

Jordan Gardner, senior wide receiver: South Western.