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Spring Grove graduates Cari and Codi McMaster continue sibling rivalry at McDaniel, Gettysburg

Cari and Codi McMaster grew up trying playing sports. They ran track and cross country, and played softball, but in the end it was basketball that ended up being the one they fell in love with.

"I think it was more like a family thing that really got us to love it," Codi said. "Everyone in our family enjoyed it and it is a sport that everyone can play. We have family members who excelled at basketball so I think it was like making the family proud and making us proud."

As twins, the Spring Grove graduates are more than just sisters, they are best friends.

When it came time to choose a college, the two separated for the first time. Codi initially went to Shippensburg University before transferring last year to McDaniel College in Westminster, Maryland and Cari took the short trip to Gettysburg College, both with the intention of playing college basketball.

Cari only appeared in two games as a freshman and did not play her sophomore year.

Sitting out a season though, she found a rekindled passion for the game and rejoined the Gettysburg team her junior season.

Codi is the older sister by two minutes and makes sure to rub it in.

Transferring to McDaniel meant the two would be squaring off against each other twice a year.

Last year, the two squared off as opponents for the first time.

Cari admitted it was a little uncomfortable cheering for an opponent.

"I don't like playing my sister and I am sure the girls on my team don't enjoy me cheering for someone on the other team," Cari said.

Gettysburg won both contests last year, but McDaniel evened up the series with two wins this year.

Even more important than the wins and loses for the McMaster sisters were the memories they will hold onto from their experience.

One of those memories came in their first meeting last year.

"I was on the foul line and she was next to me," Codi said. "I missed my first foul shot and I look over and I know she's there. I just imagine myself with her cheering me on. After the game we went up to each other and I told her that and she said, ' Oh my gosh Codi, I was saying that in my head thinking come on Codi you have this.' It was really weird how we were both on the same track."

Several weeks ago, the two squared off for the final time. It was Codi's senior night.

"It was really emotional," Cari said. "It was her senior night. So she was really emotional. As soon as I saw her, I got emotional. We took pictures before the game. I was tearing up a little. After the game we hugged and we both started crying."

While McDaniel won the contest 67-38, it was Cari who outscored Codi seven to four.

"One of my first scores was against her," Cari said. "She was guarding me and I shoot her and took it to the left side and she fouled me for an and-one, so that was nice."

"It is very special," Codi added. "We grew up playing with each other all through grade school and high school and we get to college playing against each other. It's not something we are used to still. Especially with it being my last game at home because there is no one else that I would want on that floor with me than her."