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Riggs reaches milestone, makes history at Penn State York

Update: Final Penn State York women's basketball home game postponed until Sunday.

Penn State York was supposed have its home celebration of Courtney Riggs' 1,000-point career before tonight's game against Lehigh Valley. Because of the weather, that game has been pushed to Sunday at 4 p.m., followed by the men's game against the same school.

The school provided video footage of Riggs' 3-point shot to secure her 1,000th point.

From Wednesday

A 3-point shot never felt so good leaving Courtney Riggs' fingers.

All season the Penn State York senior had been in pursuit of scoring 1,000 points. After a slow start, she'd worried she wouldn't make it. But averaging 22 points per game since January, she entered the night needing only 19 points to make the mark.

With 997 points as her career total before the ball fell through the net, the former Delone Catholic guard said it felt just as good as she hoped it would.

"It was one of those ones that was just perfect," she said. "It didn't hit the rim or anything. It was 1,000 points on the dot."

The arena horn blared as the ball fell, putting a temporary stop to the game. Riggs was allowed to meet her parents and two of her brothers, who had traveled from opposite ends of the state, in the stands.

Riggs went into the game needing 19 points to become the first woman in Penn State York basketball history to score 1,000 points. She finished with 24.

"Every time I got closer to 1,000, my whole fan section got a little louder," Riggs said. "When they sounded the buzzer, my team went crazy."

Penn State York improved to 13-7 with an 84-68 win against Mont Alto.

The night before the game, Penn State York coach Bob Heiser gave Riggs the choice of coming out before hitting the milestone so she could do so at the team's final home game against Lehigh Valley on Thursday. She was thankful for the option, but declined.

Riggs said she is happy she can return to focusing on the team and its playoff drive. She said reaching the milestone made her aware her career is nearly at its end. But she's not letting that take the fun out of this moment.

"I feel like a million bucks," she said. "It's crazy. It doesn't feel like it's real. I had it in the back of my mind all season and then it happens in the blink of an eye."