Following a 4-1 loss to West Chester (Pa.) Rustin’s club hockey team in Pennsylvania’s Flyers Cup A Final at West Chester’s Ice Line Quad Rinks, the Delaware County (Pa.) Springfield School District tweeted, “Proud of our team tonight. Thank you for representing our school with class. Stay gold.”

To which Rustin senior forward Eric Flynn responded with the caption, “This is what you call classy?” underneath a 10-second video of a fight among fans exiting the game that left one Ice Line employee with a concussion and a broken nose. originally discovered the video.

The Springfield School District has since deleted the tweet and issued the following statement:

The Springfield administration has been made aware of an incident that occurred at the hockey game on the evening of Friday, March 11, 2016. The administration has been and continues to assist all appropriate authorities in bringing a resolution to the matter. Thank you for your continued support.

Meanwhile, the mother of the injured Ice Line employee posted the video to Facebook with an emotional plea (cleaned up here grammatically) in hopes of finding those responsible for the brawl:

“My son Casey was working at Ice Line last night, as he has for a while. Rustin beat Springfield, and he tried to calm things down when the losing team went wild. The Springfield guys ganged up on him. He was kicked in the head and has a concussion and a broken nose. Help me find these [expletives] please. Case is in the black shirt, and this is just part if it.”

According to CBS Philly, local police are seeking to identify “one or two Springfield fans, coming off a losing game, as the likely instigators,” after watching security footage of the video from the arena.

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