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Section I wrestling: York-Adams earns 25 medals at Class AA sectional

Hundreds of people braved the winter weather Saturday afternoon and made the trek to Susquenita High School to see the District 3 Class AA Section I wrestling tournament.

The YAIAA's contingent of wrestlers made it worth their while.

YAIAA wrestlers brought home seven gold medals, seven silver medals and 11 bronze medals between the 14 weight classes.

EAGLES FLY HIGH >> Bermudian Springs proved to be the class of the York-Adams league. The Eagles went 4-for-4 in title matches, winning at 170 pounds (Briton Shelton), 182 (Colton Dull), 220 (Sam McCollum) and 285 (Brady Linebaugh). All four dominated. Shelton and Dull earned their gold medals in back-to-back matches that ended in pins under two minutes combined.

McCollum pinned his first two opponents in less than a minute before running into Michael Rider of Delone in the final, which proved to be a tough out.

"I was surprised he came up because he wrestled at 195 all season," McCollum said of Rider. "He's a heck of a kid, and he had a great tournament."

In his return to the venue where he injured an elbow last season, Linebaugh earned a pin, then two decisions for a gold at 285.

The Eagles also brought home four bronze medals. In all, 11 Eagles qualified for next week's district tournament in Hershey.

SQUIRES SHOW UP BIG >> Delone advanced eight wrestlers through to districts, and its wrestlers made three appearances in gold-medal matches. Rider bumped up to 220 pounds and pulled two upsets over Nate Mentzer and Jakob Paul, before falling in a decision to McCollum.

"I knew going to 220, I could wear those guys down," Rider said. "I'm not the best guy wrestling, but I wear them down and beat them by one point, and that's what I did. I made it to the finals with defense."

Antonio Ugarte (126) and Bryce Perkins (285) made impressive runs in their brackets before falling in the finals.

"We were hoping to take eight (to districts) and we got eight," Delone Catholic head coach Frank Sneeringer said. "They're getting better, and a lot of these guys are young. This isn't a surprise anymore, these guys work hard."

The Squires earned bronze medals at 145 (Brian Shermeyer), 152 (Lucas Shull), 160 (Brady Repasky) and 170 (Josh Sneeringer). Shermeyer picked up two pins and a 5-0 decision in the consolation bracket after being bounced in the quarterfinals by Boiling Spring's AJ Kostyak.

CANNERS ADVANCE NINE >>> Biglerville had an impressive showing with nine wrestlers advancing to districts.

Nate Newberry garnered the loudest ovation from the Canners faithful when he earned a 7-1 decision over Kostyak in the 145-pound title bout.

"This was on the higher end of what we were hoping for," Biglerville head coach Nate Becker said of his team's overall performance.

Scott Cooper, who was just returning from a foot injury that has hampered him since football season, made a run to the final at 138 pounds, but defaulted when he re-aggravated the injury.

"He's a smart kid and he understands that there's a bigger goal here and that we have to take care of him," Becker said of Cooper. "It was something that I had thought of in case he was a little dinged up after the semifinals."

The Canners qualified in every weight class above 132 except for 195.

GARLAND GETS GOLD >> Four Nighthawks qualified to move on, but Caleb Garland was the highlight of the day for Hanover.

Garland pinned Biglerville's Brandon Miller and Newport's Aaron Finicle. Then he won the title at 120 with a tech fall over Upper Dauphin's Connor Boyer.

"He has really elevated his game this year," Hanover head coach Kurt Brenner said of Garland. "He's having a blast, he's dominating, and he's having fun doing it."

Garland's season is far from over, Brenner said.

"District champ, then regional champ, then state champ, he wants to win them all," Brenner said. "That's been his goal and he said that since the beginning of the year."

Travis Golden, Josh McClintock and Dylan Gladfelter also earned district berths.

"We had four last year and we wanted to get five this year," Brenner said. "But we knew that it would take us wins that we weren't expecting."

BARSHINGER WINS TITLE >> Eastern York's Lucas Barshinger earned a pin in the 195 title bout, recording a fall in 59 seconds against Littlestown's Matt Guilday. Barshing, however, survived a scare in the semifinals, scoring late in the third period to advance to the title bout with a 5-4 victory against Boiling Springs' Nate Gouhin.


106 pounds — Hankerson (Boiling Springs) pinned Bryner (Newport), 0:38.

113 pounds — Campbell (Upper Dauphin) dec. Tolbert (Boiling Springs), 8-1.

120 pounds — Garland (Hanover) tech. fall Boyer (Upper Dauphin), 17-1.

126 pounds — Bond (Boiling Springs) dec. Ugarte (Delone Catholic), 19-6.

132 pounds — Myers (Boiling Springs) tech. fall Mentzer (Biglerville), 21-4.

138 pounds — Shoop (Boiling Springs) inj. def. Cooper (Biglerville), 0:01.

145 pounds — Newberry (Biglerville) dec. Kostyak (Boiling Springs), 7-1.

152 pounds — Kauffman (Boiling Springs) dec. Matthews (Littlestown), 3-2.

160 pounds — Vaughn (Boiling Springs) dec. Group (Susquenita), 5-3.

170 pounds — Shelton (Bermudian Springs) pinned Wickard (Boiling Springs), 1:16.

182 pounds — Dull (Bermudian Springs) pinned Taylor (Boiling Springs), 0:18.

195 pounds — Barshinger (Eastern York) pinned Guilday (Littlestown), 0:59.

220 pounds — McCollum (Bermudian Springs) dec. Rider (Delone Catholic), 6-2.

285 pounds — Linebaugh (Bermudian Springs) dec. Perkins (Delone Catholic), 9-2.


106 pounds — Bryner (Newport) major dec. Coniglio (Camp Hill), 13-2. Hankerson (Boiling Springs) pinned West (Bermudian Springs), 1:13.

113 pounds — Tolbert (Susquenita) pinned Frey (Newport), 1:39. Campbell (Upper Dauphin) pinned Warthen (Fairfield), 1:45.

120 pounds — Garland (Hanover) pinned Finicle (Newport), 1:39. Boyer (Upper Dauphin) dec. Clabaugh (Bermudian Springs), 8-7.

126 pounds — Ugarte (Delone Catholic) dec. O'Toole (Newport), 7-1. Bond (Boiling Springs) major dec. Becker (Littlestown), 9-0.

132 pounds — Mentzer (Biglerville) dec. Miller (Bermudian Springs), 6-0. Myers (Boiling Springs) pinned Burke (Halifax), 2:45.

138 pounds — Cooper (Biglerville) dec. West (Bermudian Springs), 5-1. Shoop (Boiling Springs) tech fall McClure (Littlestown), 15-0 (2:35).

145 pounds — Newberry (Biglerville) pinned Kennerly (Upper Dauphin), 3:53. Kostyak (Boiling Springs) major dec. Stroup (Newport), 11-3.

152 pounds — Matthews (Littlestown) dec. Mackley (Eastern York), 10-6. Kauffman (Boiling Springs) dec. Shull (Delone Catholic), 6-0.

160 pounds — Group (Susquenita) dec. Repasky (Delone Catholic), 8-2. Vaughn (Boiling Springs) dec. Fleshman (Bermudian Springs), 5-3.

170 pounds — Wickard (Boiling Springs) dec. Sneeringer (Delone Catholic), 8-2 (OT). Shelton (Bermudian Springs) pinned Teeter (Camp Hill), 4:31.

182 pounds — Taylor (Boiling Springs) pinned Enders (Halifax), 1:24. Dull (Bermudian Springs) pinned Sentz (Biglerville), 0:33.

195 pounds — Guilday (Littlestown) pinned Luckenbaugh (Bermudian Springs), 4:46. Barshinger (Eastern York) dec. Gouhin (Boiling Springs), 5-4.

220 pounds — Rider (Delone Catholic) dec. Paul (Halifax), 7-6. McCollum (Bermudian Springs) pinned Ott (Boiling Springs), 0:42.

285 pounds — Perkins (Delone Catholic) dec. Bower (Newport), 6-5. Linebaugh (Bermudian Springs) dec. MacLeod (Littlestown), 2-1 (OT)


106 pounds — Bruner (Halifax) dec. West (Bermudian Springs), 2-0.

113 pounds — Holley (Boiling Springs) maj. dec. Frey (Newport), 13-2

120 pounds — Clabaugh (Bermudian Springs) pinned Finicle (Newport), 0:38.

126 pounds — Becker (Littlestown) dec. O'Toole (Newport), 4-2.

132 pounds — Miller (Bermudian Springs) pinned Mullican (Littlestown), 1:54.

138 pounds — West (Bermudian Springs) dec. McClure (Littlestown), 5-2.

145 pounds — Shermeyer (Delone Catholic) dec. Gallaher (Camp Hill), 5-0.

152 pounds — Shull (Delone Catholic) dec. Mackley (Eastern York), 4-2.

160 pounds — Repasky (Delone Catholic) dec. Hurda (Biglerville), 2-1.

170 pounds — Sneeringer (Delone Catholic) pinned Teeter (Camp Hill), 2:22.

182 pounds — Enders (Halifax) pinned Young (Camp Hill), 1:35.

195 pounds — Luckenbaugh (Bermudian Springs) pinned Gouhin (Boiling Springs), 1:29.

220 pounds — Mentzer (Biglerville) inj. def. Paul (Halifax).

285 pounds — MacLeod (Littlestown) pinned Bower (Newport), 2:54.


106 pounds — Coniglio (Camp Hill) dec. Trousdale (Littlestown), 6-0.

113 pounds — Warthen (Fairfield) pinned Gladfelter (Hanover), 3:51

120 pounds — Shoop (Boiling Springs) tech. fall Louden (Susquenita), 16-0.

126 pounds — Small (Fairfield) pinned Sanders (Bermudian Springs), 4:07.

132 pounds — Burke (Halifax) pinned Golden (Hanover), 4:19.

138 pounds — Kemble (Camp Hill) dec. Evich (Delone Catholic), 4-2.

145 pounds — Stroup (Newport) pinned Kennerly (Upper Dauphin).

152 pounds — Asper (Biglerville) maj. dec. Colestock (Camp Hill), 14-0.

160 pounds — Fleshman (Bermudian Springs) maj. dec. Barshinger (Eastern York), 10-0.

170 pounds — McAllister (Upper Dauphin) pinned King (Biglerville), 1:29.

182 pounds — Sentz (Biglerville) dec. Geiman (Littlestown), 3-1.

195 pounds — McClintock (Hanover) dec. Herr (Newport), 5-2.

220 pounds — Ott (Boiling Springs) pinned Klinger (Newport), 0:59.

285 pounds — Lopez (Biglerville) pinned Trent (Boiling Springs), 3:41.

Consolation semifinals

106 pounds — Bruner (Halifax) pinned Coniglio (Camp Hill), 2:04. West (Bermudian Springs) pinned Trousdale (Littlestown), 3:36.

113 pounds — Frey (Newport) pinned Gladfelter (Hanover), 2:38. Holley (Boiling Springs) pinned Warthen (Fairfield), 3:27.

120 pounds — Finicle (Newport) dec. Shoop (Boiling Springs), 9-0. Clabaugh (Bermudian Springs) pinned Louden (Susquenita), :16.

126 pounds — Becker (Littlestown) dec. Cody Small (Fairfield), 2-0. O'Toole (Newport) dec. Sanders (Bermudian Springs), 4-2.

132 pounds — Mullican (Littlestown) dec. Burke (Halifax), 5-0. Miller (Bermudian Springs) dec. Golden (Hanover), 6-4.

138 pounds — McClure (Littlestown) tech fall Kemble (Camp Hill), 15-0 (3:26). West (Bermudian Springs) dec. Evich (Delone Catholic), 10-7.

145 pounds — Gallaher (Camp Hill) major dec. Stroup (Newport), 17-3. Shermeyer (Delone Catholic) pinned Kennerly (Upper Dauphin), 2:38.

152 pounds — Shull (Delone Catholic) dec. Asper (Biglerville), 3-2. Colestock (Camp Hill) pinned Mackley (Eastern York), 0:31.

160 pounds — Hurda (Biglerville) dec. Fleshman (Bermudian Springs), 9-6. Repasky (Delone Catholic) pinned Barshinger (Eastern York), 3:27.

170 pounds — Teeter (Camp Hill) pinned McAllister (Upper Dauphin), 1:26. Sneeringer (Delone Catholic) pinned Alex King (Biglerville), 1:50.

182 pounds — Sentz (Biglerville) pinned Young (Camp Hill), 2:43. Enders (Halifax) pinned Geiman (Littlestown), 1:20.

195 pounds — Gouhin (Boiling Springs) pinned Herr (Newport), 1:56. Luckenbaugh (Bermudian Springs) pinned McClintock (Hanover), 3:07.

220 pounds — Mentzer (Biglerville) dec. Ott (Boiling Springs), 4-0. Paul (Halifax) pinned Klinger (Newport), 6:37.

285 pounds — MacLeod (Littlestown) pinned Lopez (Biglerville), 1:18. Bower (Newport) pinned Trent (Boiling Springs), 1:26.

Consolation quarterfinals

106 pounds — Bruner (Halifax) pinned Wolf (Hanover), 1:50. Trousdale (Littlestown) dec. Davis (Biglerville), 5-0.

113 pounds — Gladfelter (Hanover) pinned Bezanilla (Camp Hill), 2:31. Holley (Boiling Springs) pinned Geiling (Halifax), 3:60.

120 pounds — Louden (Susquenita) dec. Miller (Biglerville), 2-0. Shoop (Boiling Springs) dec. Rini (Camp Hill), 8-4.

126 pounds — Small (Fairfield) dec. Thomas (Biglerville), 8-2. Sanders (Bermudian Springs) dec. LaTorre (Camp Hill). 6-4.

132 pounds — Mullican (Littlestown) dec. Little (Delone Catholic), 9-4. Golden (Hanover) dec. Hestor (Susquenita), 9-3.

138 pounds — Kemble (Camp Hill) dec. Enders (Halifax), 6-2. Evich (Delone Catholic) pinned Evan Hoffman (Upper Dauphin), 1:24.

145 pounds — Gallaher (Camp Hill) dec. Wilbert (Halifax), 4-0. Shermeyer (Delone Catholic) pinned Beall (Bermudian Springs), 2:13.

152 pounds — Asper (Biglerville) pinned McBurney (Halifax), 4:17. Colestock (Camp Hill) dec. Corey Sheibley (Susquenita), 10-5.

160 pounds — Hurda (Biglerville) dec. Smith (Littlestown), 5-0. Barshinger (Eastern York) dec. Smith (Camp Hill), 4-3.

170 pounds — McAllister (Upper Dauphin) dec. Snouffer (Littlestown), 5-3. King (Biglerville) pinned Hoffman (Halifax), 2:12.

182 pounds — Young (Camp Hill) major dec. Johnson (Newport), 15-6. Geiman (Littlestown) pinned Ledbetter (Hanover), 1:25.

195 pounds — Herr (Newport) pinned Livelsberger (Delone Catholic), 4:11. McClintock (Hanover) dec. Martinez (Biglerville), 3-0.

220 pounds — Mentzer (Biglerville) pinned Elliott (Eastern York), 0:22. Klinger (Newport) pinned Eboch (Camp Hill), 1:23.

285 pounds — Lopez (Biglerville) pinned Chambers (Camp Hill), 1:45. Trent (Boiling Springs) dec. Miller (Hanover), 4-0.


106 pounds — Isaiah Bryner (Newport) pinned Will Davis (Biglerville), 1:13. Jacob Coniglio (Camp Hill) dec. Josh Trousdale (Littlestown), 4-2. Landon West (Bermudian Springs) dec. Landon Bruner (Halifax), 6-4. Jahlin Hankerson (Boiling Springs) pinned Trey Wolf (Hanover), 0:34.

113 pounds — Bodee Tolbert (Susquenita) dec. Caleb Holley (Boiling Springs), 4-2 (OT). Jordon Frey (Newport) pinned Jon Geiling (Halifax), 3:14. Peter Warthen (Fairfield) pinned Dylan Gladfelter (Hanover), 4:58. Coy Campbell (Upper Dauphin) pinned Brody Bezanilla (Camp Hill), :20.

120 pounds — Caleb Garland (Hanover) pinned Brandon Miller (Biglerville), 3:13. Aaron Finicle (Newport) dec. Brogan Louden (Susquenita), 8-2. Connor Boyer (Upper Dauphin) major dec. Anthony Rini (Camp Hill), 15-4. Austin Clabaugh (Bermudian Springs) pinned Lucas Shoop (Boiling Springs), 0:58.

126 pounds — Patrick O'Toole (Newport) major dec. Mitchell Thomas (Biglerville), 10-0. Antonio Ugarte (Delone Catholic) dec. Cody Small (Fairfield), 7-2. Cory Becker (Littlestown) dec. Brady Sanders (Bermudian Springs), 7-2. Grant Bond (Boiling Springs) tech fall Gus LaTorre (Camp Hill), 16-1.

132 pounds — Jarod Miller (Bermudian Springs) pinned Alex Little (Delone Catholic), 0:55. Brady Mentzer (Biglerville) pinned Brandon Mullican (Littlestown), 1:07. Lucas Burke (Halifax) dec. Joey Hestor (Susquenita), 8-3. Korbin Myers (Boiling Springs) pinned Travis Golden (Hanover), 3:09.

138 pounds — Scott Cooper (Biglerville) tech fall Nate Enders (Halifax), 15-0 (1:53). Ashton West (Bermudian Springs) pinned Mason Kemble (Camp Hill), 2:54. Ian McClure (Littlestown) dec. Mark Evich (Delone Catholic), 7-5. Kyle Shoop (Boiling Springs) pinned Evan Hoffman (Upper Dauphin), 0:21.

145 pounds — Jackson Kennerly (Upper Dauphin) dec. Cade Wilbert (Halifax), 17-10. Nate Newberry (Biglerville) tech fall Alex Gallaher (Camp Hill), 17-1 (4:00). AJ Kostyak (Boiling Springs) dec. Brian Shermeyer (Delone Catholic), 4-2. Colby Stroup (Newport) pinned Darren Beall (Bermudian Springs), 0:30.

152 pounds — Eric McBurney (Halifax) tech fall Dakota Mackley (Eastern York), 15-0 (2:07). Jordan Matthews (Littlestown) dec. Brock Asper (Biglerville), 7-5. Corey Sheibley (Susquenita) tech fall Lucas Shull (Delone Catholic), 19-2 (4:44). Tyler Kauffman (Boiling Springs) pinned Luca Colestock (Camp Hill), 0:53.

160 pounds — Dalton Group (Susquenita) pinned Adam Smith (Littlestown), 2:33. Brady Repasky (Delone Catholic) pinned Ben Hurda (Biglerville), 5:39. Noah Fleshman (Bermudian Springs) pinned Will Smith (Camp Hill), 5:18. John Vaughn (Boiling Springs) pinned Conner Barshinger (Eastern York), 1:34.

170 pounds — Joshua Sneeringer (Delone Catholic) pinned Hayden McAllister (Upper Dauphin), 1:00. Travis Wickard (Boiling Springs) pinned Ben Snouffer (Littlestown), 3:05. Sam Teeter (Camp Hill) pinned Tyler Hoffman (Halifax), 2:55. Briton Shelton (Bermudian Springs) tech fall Alex King (Biglerville), 18-1 (4:40).

182 pounds — Travis Enders (Halifax) dec. Wyett Johnson (Newport), 1-0. Austin Taylor (Boiling Springs) pinned Cole Young (Camp Hill), 1:56. Colton Sentz (Biglerville) dec. Connor Geiman (Littlestown), 4-2. Colton Dull (Bermudian Springs) pinned Josh Ledbetter (Hanover), 0:19.

195 pounds — Matt Guilday (Littlestown) pinned Corey Livelsberger (Delone Catholic), 0:43. Logan Luckenbaugh (Bermudian Springs) pinned Brady Herr (Newport), 3:24. Nate Gouhin (Boiling Springs) pinned Josh McClintock (Hanover), 4:42. Lucas Barshinger (Eastern York) pinned Juan Martinez (Biglerville), 2:25.

220 pounds — Jakob Paul (Halifax) pinned Scott Elliott (Eastern York), 4:42. Michael Rider (Delone Catholic) dec. Nate Mentzer (Biglerville), 5-2. Rickie Ott (Boiling Springs) pinned Walker Klinger (Newport), 0:22. Sam McCollum (Bermudian Springs) pinned Sean Eboch (Camp Hill), 0:23.

285 pounds — Josh Bower (Newport) pinned Brady Chambers (Camp Hill), 1:20. Bryce Perkins (Delone Catholic) pinned Victor Lopez (Biglerville), 2:37. Zach MacLeod (Littlestown) pinned Nick Trent (Boiling Springs), 1:24. Brady Linebaugh (Bermudian Springs) pinned Nick Miller (Hanover), 0:34.


120 pounds — Brandon Miller (Biglerville) pinned Ethan Shetterly (Halifax), 0:39. Lucas Shoop (Boiling Springs) tech fall. Alex Stone (Fairfield), 16-0.

126 pounds — Mitchell Thomas (Biglerville) pinned Braxton Herb (Upper Dauphin), 3:27. Cody Small (Fairfield) major dec. Jacob Hammaker (Susquenita), 13-3. Gus LaTorre (Camp Hill) pinned Glenn Enders (Halifax), 2:37.

132 pounds — Alex Little (Delone Catholic) dec. Josh Kline (Newport), 12-5. Brandon Mullican (Littlestown) pinned Chad Bezanilla (Camp Hill), 2:48. Joey Hestor (Susquenita) pinned Dylon Prugar (Eastern York), 3:01. Lucas Burke (Halifax) dec. Ashton Dauberman (Upper Dauphin), 10-8. Travis Golden (Hanover) pinned Steve Heinbaugh (Fairfield), 0:27.

138 pounds — Nate Enders (Halifax) pinned Ryan Smith (Newport), 2:29. Mason Kemble (Camp Hill) dec. Colton Shriner (Fairfield), 12-6. Mark Evich (Delone Catholic) pinned Ian Young (Eastern York), 2:56. Evan Hoffman (Upper Dauphin) pinned Zach Barnes (Hanover), 5:27.

145 pounds — Cade Wilbert (Halifax) pinned Jeremy Gazmen (Littlestown), 3:08. Alex Gallaher (Camp Hill) pinned Ethan Gerlach (Hanover), 1:34. Darren Beall (Bermudian Springs) tech fall Damien Smeltzer (Eastern York), 15-0.

152 pounds — Eric McBurney (Halifax) pinned Justin Barnes (Hanover), 5:13. Brock Asper (Biglerville) major dec. Sid Stauffer (Bermudian Springs), 15-1. Luca Colestock (Camp Hill) pinned Indy Mills (Fairfield), 3:14.

160 pounds — Adam Smith (Littlestown) pinned Philip Witmer (Halifax), 1:58. Conner Barshinger (Eastern York) pinned Dylan Stair (Hanover), 4:58.

170 pounds — Alex King (Biglerville) dec. Cody Gladfelter (Hanover), 7-5.

182 pounds — Wyett Johnson (Newport) dec. Jacob Kadis (Delone Catholic), 3-0. Josh Ledbetter (Hanover) dec. Colin Harner (Upper Dauphin), 5-2.

195 pounds — Corey Livelsberger (Delone Catholic) def. Zack Elvin (Halifax) by DQ. Juan Martinez (Biglerville) dec. Michael Hope (Camp Hill), 3-2.

220 pounds — Sean Eboch (Camp Hill) dec. Dan Arnett (Littlestown), 9-7.