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Check out GameTimePA's Top 5 Plays of the Week from Jan. 9 through 14. *CORRECTION* The No. 3 play of the week is Kenton Meckley of West York. Video by Lindsey Smith


Tulpehocken at ELCO, 4 p.m.


Spring Grove 40, Dallastown 24
at Spring Grove

195: Cameron Green (DAH) over Wyatt Becker (SGAH) (MD 12-4)
220: Bryce Shields (DAH) over Nathan Young (SGAH) (Dec 7-3)
285: William Anderson (DAH) over Seth worley (SGAH) (Fall 3:10)
106: Chase Bricker (SGAH) over Cael Turnbull (DAH) (MD 12-4)
113: Dalton Rohrbaugh (SGAH) over Carter MacDonald (DAH) (Fall 0:49)
120: Clay Baker (SGAH) over Donovan Trauger (DAH) (Fall 4:24)
126: Dalton Daugherty (DAH) over Jordan Maldonado (SGAH) (TF 17-0 3:55)
132: Brady Pitzer (SGAH) over John Ligon (DAH) (Fall 3:30)
138: Chance Jackson (SGAH) over Franklin Klinger (DAH) (Dec 11-4)
145: Jake Meyer (SGAH) over Garrett Johnson (DAH) (MD 11-0)
152: Anthony Hinson (SGAH) over Jarrett Feeney (DAH) (TF 17-0 4:57)
160: Trent Baker (SGAH) over Hayden Jones (DAH) (Dec 4-0)
170: Ben Hyman (DAH) over Juan Landaverde (SGAH) (Fall 1:12)
182: Jared Barley (SGAH) over Drake Pew (DAH) (Dec 9-7)

Delone Catholic Hs (DCH) 60.00 Fairfield Hs (FAHS) 4.00
at Fairfield

138: Nathaniel Lowrie (DCH) over Aaron Shriner (FAHS) (Fall 1:32)
145: Ryan  Hart (DCH) over Alexander Stone (FAHS) (Fall 0:00)
152: Double Forfeit
160: Brian  Shermeyer (DCH) over Colton Shriner (FAHS) (Fall 1:40)
170: Brendan Quinn (DCH) over Charles Burnett (FAHS) (Fall 1:45)
182: Brady  Repasky (DCH) over   (FAHS) (For.)
195: Sean Sneeringer (DCH) over   (FAHS) (For.)
220: Justin Roth (DCH) over   (FAHS) (For.)
285: Bryce  Perkins (DCH) over   (FAHS) (For.)
106: Brett Leonard (DCH) over   (FAHS) (For.)
113: Double Forfeit
120: Andrew Knobloch (DCH) over   (FAHS) (For.)
126: Double Forfeit
132: Page Karsteter (FAHS) over Dimitri Partenza (DCH) (MD 14-0)

Central York Hs (CYH) 39.00 Red Lion Area Hs (RLAH) 16.00
at Central York

285: Michael Wolfgram (CYH) over   (RLAH) (For.)
106: Lars Reeder (CYH) over Alex Rabette (RLAH) (Dec 4-2)
113: Mason Myers (CYH) over   (RLAH) (For.)
120: Logan Paluch (CYH) over   (RLAH) (For.)
126: Brett Morgan (CYH) over Riley Seredych (RLAH) (Dec 6-2)
132: AJ McQuaide (CYH) over  Issac  Rivera (RLAH) (Dec 3-2)
138: Devyn Gurerri (RLAH) over Justin Sprenkle (CYH) (MD 11-0)
145: Cole Daugherty (RLAH) over Aidan Reed (CYH) (Fall 1:07)
152: Orion Musti (CYH) over Tyler Ness (RLAH) (Dec 9-6)
160: Chase Evans (CYH) over Stanley Dai (RLAH) (Dec 10-4)
170: Jack Conrad (RLAH) over Deontay English (CYH) (Dec 6-1)
182: Antonio Rivera (CYH) over   (RLAH) (For.)
195: Double Forfeit
220: Zach Shaffer (RLAH) over Devin Gaffney (CYH) (Dec 7-4)

Eastern York 62, York Suburban 12
@Eastern York
106 — Allen Miller, Eastern York, won by forfeit FFT, .
113 — Hunter Sowers, Eastern York, won by forfeit FFT, .
120 — Collin Shelton, York Suburban, pinned Jonah Dougherty, 1:09.
126 — Justin Manganello, Eastern York, dec. Daoud Ilayan, 13-9.
132 — Thomas Paulson, Eastern York, pinned Lucas Miller, :53.
138 — Nathan Robbins, Eastern York, won by forfeit FFT, .
145 — Dylon Prugar, Eastern York, tech. fall Lucas Friend, 18-1 5:14.
152 — Troy Staats, Eastern York, pinned Andy Thoman, 4:59.
160 — Beshoy Salama, Eastern York, dec. Matthew Curilla, 10-9.
170 — Andrew Frey, York Suburban, won by forfeit FFT, .
182 — Jahshim Snyder, Eastern York, won by forfeit FFT, .
195 — Carl Carbaugh Jr., Eastern York, won by forfeit FFT, .
220 — Drake Brown, Eastern York, pinned Jared Williams, 1:26.
285 — Wyatt Smith, Eastern York, dec. Adoniyah Johnson, 3-1.

Bermudian Springs Hs (BSH) 78.00 York Co Sch Of Technology (YCSO) 6.00
at Bermudian Springs

113: Landon West (BSH) over   (YCSO) (For.)
120: Tyler Rawson (BSH) over Sam Hoover (YCSO) (Fall 2:58)
126: Dylan Griffie (BSH) over Eduardo Santana (YCSO) (Fall 0:13)
132: Austin Clabaugh (BSH) over Taylor Elliot (YCSO) (Fall 0:47)
138: Travis Keiser (YCSO) over Sebastian Wallen (BSH) (Fall 1:32)
145: Tanner Althoff (BSH) over Austin Schazberger (YCSO) (Fall 1:37)
152: Ashton West (BSH) over Luke Kordaz (YCSO) (Fall 0:55)
160: Darren Beall (BSH) over   (YCSO) (For.)
170: Trace Grim (BSH) over Tyler Enfield (YCSO) (Fall 4:56)
182: Nate McCollum (BSH) over Zachary Hagarman (YCSO) (Inj. [time])
195: Noah Fleshman (BSH) over Jacob Sharp (YCSO) (Fall 2:08)
220: Dorian Steele (BSH) over Clayton Heindel (YCSO) (Fall 2:58)
285: Ryan Forsythe (BSH) over Kyiau Fake (YCSO) (Fall 0:56)
106: Korey Smith (BSH) over Kameron Bly (YCSO) (Fall 2:19)

Biglerville Hs (BIHS) 58.00 Hanover Hs (HAHS) 15.00
at Biglerville

138: Russell Zullick (BIHS) over   (HAHS) (For.)
145: Brandon  Miller (BIHS) over Dalton Fetterman (HAHS) (Fall 3:22)
152: Gabe May (BIHS) over Sam Duvall (HAHS) (MD 13-0)
160: Resean Williams (HAHS) over Caleb Randoll (BIHS) (Fall 2:23)
170: Justin  Barnes (HAHS) over Josh Southerly (BIHS) (Dec 7-1)
182: Marcus Arigo (HAHS) over Adam Peters (BIHS) (Fall 1:59)
195: Nathan Talton (BIHS) over   (HAHS) (For.)
220: Brent Hayes (BIHS) over Anthony Shindledecker (HAHS) (Fall 3:08)
285: Chris  Weaver (BIHS) over   (HAHS) (For.)
106: Blake  Showers (BIHS) over   (HAHS) (For.)
113: Joshua Tuckey (BIHS) over Coleman  Weaver (HAHS) (Fall 1:56)
120: Eli Tuckey (BIHS) over   (HAHS) (For.)
126: Will Davis (BIHS) over   (HAHS) (Fall 5:48)
132: Double Forfeit

Susquehannock 54, Dover 27
at Susquehannock

113: Matthew Rodriguez (DAH) over Jacob Silliman (SUHS) (Fall 1:46)
120: Ben Sweigard (SUHS) over Mason Lewis (DAH) (Fall 3:16)
126: Owen Bortner (SUHS) over Dakota Grim (DAH) (Fall 1:12)
132: Colby Romjue (SUHS) over Damien Mifsud (DAH) (Fall 1:55)
138: Hunter Failor (DAH) over Luke Peters (SUHS) (Fall 4:48)
145: Nathan Ball (SUHS) over Zachary Yager (DAH) (Fall 2:23)
152: Tim Mettee (SUHS) over (DAH) (For.)
160: Joey Romjue (SUHS) over (DAH) (For.)
170: Brandon Lawyer (DAH) over Tyler Crumbling (SUHS) (Dec 8-4)
182: Matthew Lehman (DAH) over (SUHS) (For.)
195: Alexander Smith (SUHS) over John Bradbury (DAH) (Fall 0:19)
220: Lee Cook (SUHS) over Kenneth Laird (DAH) (Fall 0:10)
285: Andrew Senft (SUHS) over Cody Wagaman (DAH) (Fall 2:55)
106: Mason Torney (DAH) over Mitchell Brown (SUHS) (Fall 0:23)

Gettysburg 72, West York 12
at Gettysburg

106: Nathan Townsley (WYAH) over Michael Fata (GAH) (Fall 0:21)
113: Luke Sainato (GAH) over (WYAH) (For.)
120: John Halbrendt (GAH) over (WYAH) (For.)
126: Jacob Evans (GAH) over (WYAH) (For.)
132: Garrett Young (GAH) over Ketterman Trent (WYAH) (Fall 2:34)
138: Dylan Reinert (GAH) over Jordan Billet (WYAH) (Fall 0:28)
145: Joseph Pecaitis (GAH) over Jeremiah Franklin (WYAH) (Fall 1:11)
152: Daniel Ziegler (GAH) over Antonio Stauffer (WYAH) (Fall 0:37)
160: Edward Wells (GAH) over Nick Spadafora (WYAH) (Fall 0:50)
170: Michael Fortney (GAH) over Willie Martin (WYAH) (Fall 3:15)
182: Josh Paul (GAH) over Claudio Cruz (WYAH) (Fall 0:54)
195: Luke Cross (GAH) over Allen Bailey (WYAH) (Fall 0:48)
220: Tyler Gallagher (GAH) over (WYAH) (For.)
285: Frank Veloce (WYAH) over Jared Manning (GAH) (Fall 5:22)

New Oxford 60, Northeastern 12
at New Oxford

106: Cole Wilson (NOHS) over Timothy Uhler (NOH) (Dec 6-2)
113: Jared Bair (NOH) over Tom Gradwell (NOHS) (Dec 8-2)
120: Zurich Storm (NOH) over (NOHS) (For.)
126: Kurt Smith (NOH) over Ryan Hussey (NOHS) (Fall 2:16)
132: Noah Richley (NOH) over (NOHS) (For.)
138: Jaleal Johnson (NOH) over (NOHS) (For.)
145: Matthew Poust (NOH) over Devin Bartrom (NOHS) (Fall 0:33)
152: Evan Brown (NOH) over John Kemper (NOHS) (Fall 1:59)
160: Luke Lardarello (NOH) over Tyler Mitzel (NOHS) (Dec 4-3)
170: Kinser Laughman (NOH) over Brian Hollingsworth (NOHS) (Fall 3:36)
182: Brock Crawford (NOH) over Connor Slanker (NOHS) (Fall 1:37)
195: Derrick Rudisill (NOH) over (NOHS) (For.)
220: Dedrick Turner (NOHS) over Damian Rodriguez (NOH) (Dec 6-3)
285: Blaine Yinger (NOHS) over Dylan Smith (NOH) (Fall 1:44)

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