Seth Janney will attend Malvern Preparatory School this fall entering his junior year, he announced Monday night on Twitter.

Janney, who led the South Western football team in sacks and tackles for loss last fall and placed second at the PIAA state wrestling championships last winter, said he made the decision in May but waited to announce it until the transfer was finalized.

"I started talking to the Malvern coaches last fall," Janney said. "It was a big decision to leave all of my friends and sports teams. Malvern is the whole package. The football, wrestling, and academics are very stellar, and I feel that it is a great fit for me. My dad has always told me to let athletics open up doors for me, so I couldn't let the opportunity slip."

The Malvern Prep football coach is Aaron Brady, who starred at South Western as quarterback in the 1990s and played college football at Rutgers. Brady also is a family friend of the Janneys.

"He's an outstanding coach and has had college coaching experience," Janney said of Brady. "Nate Lautar, the head wrestling coach, has a great program, and there are a variety of challenging partners that could push me to the next level."

South Western football coach Damian Poalucci said Janney told him he was considering transferring in May, but expected to have him back for the upcoming football season — which starts Sept. 4 — until Monday night.

"He was a nice D-end for us, physical kid. But it's just like anything else, next man up. We replace who we have to as we go and move forward," Poalucci said. "There's no hard feelings. I know the kids are a little disappointed, but that's also one of their friends, and that's a very common high school thing. If one of your friends leaves, you're gonna miss them."

The Mustangs football team will miss Janney most on defense, where he provided size and speed off the edge. But the Mustangs will get senior defensive end Skylar Bowman back from an injury, and Bowman has a similar skill set at 265 pounds with a 4.8-second time in the 40-yard dash.

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