With the 2015 fall sports season hitting the back stretch, we asked five York-area athletes for their opinions on a few hot topics ranging from biggest rivalries in the YAIAA to best places to play. Check it out.

Question: First up, other than your own home field, where is your favorite place to play?

Brittany Arentz, Northeastern soccer: Spring Grove.

Terry Cains, West York football: I would say Dallastown because it's a nice field. There's always a good crowd and it's always a good game.

Jordan Landis, York Suburban volleyball: My favorite gym in division play would definitely be West York. Like us, they have a smaller gym so it feels like home and the atmosphere there is always awesome which makes playing there so much better. Their fans and gym just amp everything up more than at any other gym.

Jared Wagner, Central York soccer: Susquehannock.

Jayla Godfrey, Red Lion field hockey: Spring Grove.

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