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Often times, the short spurts of action in volleyball don't allow for a single player to be both an offensive and defensive threat.

But Chambersburg's Lauren Ching isn't most players.

Despite her 5-foot-7 frame, a bit on the small side for a setter, Ching is a dual threat on the court, with her quickness allowing her to get into offensive position for a third hit, and a powerful vertical jump that could beat anyone in the division, according to Chambersburg coach Ty Frelin.

Ching's talents and dominance on the court has led the Lady Trojans on a six-game winning streak, which included a trio of matches this week.

In Chambersburg's 3-0 week, which included a pair of Mid Penn Commonwealth wins, Ching racked up 13 kills, 24 digs, 85 assists, 12 aces and a block - enough to name her P.O. Female Athlete of the Week.

"Lauren plays the whole way around and she basically runs the show," Frelin said. "She's very quick and she jumps through the roof. She touches higher than anyone on our team, she is definitely one of the biggest jumpers in our league. A lot of teams will try to play her the first ball, but she gets into position so quick for another swing that it takes their strategy away because she's still such a solid hitter. That's fun to watch."

"I just always like to be on my toes and be prepared for whatever is thrown at me. You have to follow your instincts," Ching said. "I never really worked on my jumps. I actually never knew I could jump until I played volleyball. It kind of makes up for my lack of height."

Along with her agility on the court, Ching has also made her presence known behind the service line with a pair of serving techniques that have the ability to offset an opponent's reaction time.

"My percentage wasn't as successful when I first tried my jump serve this season, so I switched to a normal serve, which has been working," Ching said. "Once I get confident I'll throw in a jump serve to change things up, but my float is more accurate."

Chambersburg kicked off its six-game winning streak after a winning the Linganore (Md.) Tournament in mid-September. In the tournament, Ching was the top girl with 15 kills, 38 digs, five blocks and nine aces.

"We started getting things rolling several weeks ago and she was a big part of that," Frelin said. "Since the Linganore Tournament it's been a team effort, but with Lauren being the setter, she has her hands on the ball 80 percent of the time."

Lauren Ching, Chambersburg

Sport: Girls volleyball

Position: Setter

Grade: Junior

Height: 5-foot-7

Parents: Henry and Julie Ching

Other interests: Ching is a member of the Leo Club, Latin Club, National Honor Society and Mu Alpha Theta.

Athlete most admired: Former Penn State women's volleyball setter Micha Hancock

Surprising fact: Ching is following in the footsteps of her older brother, Ryan Ching, who was a member of the Trojan boys volleyball team during its 14-1 season in 2011. 

Statistics: Aiding Chambersburg in its 3-0 week, Ching had 13 kills, 24 digs, 85 assists and 12 aces ... Her best match of the week was in the Trojans' 3-1 win over Greencastle-Antrim, in which she had six kills, 11 digs, 34 assists and three aces.

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