KAYLEA GARMAN, Chambersburg, sr., def: Garman played like a true defender: tough. She racked up a team-leading four defensive saves for the Trojans this season as the team’s top defender. “She always came through in the clutch for us,” Chambersburg coach Jen Amsley said. “She knows the game very well and has great vision. I would cringe sometimes when I saw her down the field taking a chance, but she would usually come up with the ball.”

MACKENZIE OBERHOLZER, Greencastle-Antrim, sr., G: Oberholzer has been one of the area’s top goalies for three years, racking up close to 500 career saves for the Blue Devils as a three-year starter. With 138 saves her senior season, Oberholzer had seven shutouts in the cage for G-A. “The 500 saves as a varsity player really set her apart for a lot of coaches,” Greencastle coach Becca Rice said. “She did an excellent job defending.”

LIZA ERNST, Chambersburg, sr., mid: The reigning P.O. Player of the Year has not lost a step, leading the team with nine goals and four assists. Ernst’s competitiveness on the field is apparent as she uses her fire to fuel the rest of the Trojan squad. “She’s got great skills and good instincts,” Chambersburg coach Jen Amsley said. “She has worked really hard on her game and offensively knows just where she needs to be to put the ball in the cage.”

JENNA CARTY, Greencastle-Antrim, sr., def: With Carty on the field, it is almost like G-A had a second goalie. Her defensive efforts are unparallelled in the Mid Penn Colonial Division as she helped G-A put up seven shutouts. “Without her defense, Mac (Oberholzer) would have had a lot more shots to deal with,” Greencastle coach Becca Rice said. “She constantly had her stick on the ground and during one-on-one situations she would come up with the ball every time.”

MADISON SCHMUS, Chambersburg, sr., def.: With three goals and two defensive saves for the Trojans this season, Schmus was a threat no matter where she was on the field. As a returning P.O. first teamer, she picked up right where she left off. “She’s probably one of the hardest working individuals on our team,” Chambersburg coach Jen Amsley said. “She is very disciplined and she really truly understands the game. Always positive and a very unselfish player."

KRISTINA PARSONS, Forbes Road, sr., mid: Parsons led the area in points for active players with six goals and an unbelievable 17 assists, proving her unselfish nature for the Cardinals. Parsons was the only area player to register double-figure assists for the season. “She always looks to pass first before anything else, and she always knows where other people are,” Forbes Road coach Carol Cline said. “She always made those kids look better because of her passing.”

LAUREN COLE, Greencastle-Antrim, sr., for: Cole’s stick skills gave her an edge for the Blue Devils this season. She led the team with seven goals and nine assists, with most of her assists coming from working the ball from midfield to the circle. “She handles herself well in tight situations,” Greencastle coach Becca Rice said. “She has the best stick skills on our team and when she has the ball she can get around three to four defenders with ease.”

OLIVIA HALL, Forbes Road, sr., mid: Hall, who spent three years on varsity as a goalie, switched for her senior season to the midfield, and made an impression in a big way. Hall ranked third in the area with 10 goals and five assists. “Every game she got better,” Forbes Road coach Carol Cline said. “I loved Liv’s leadership and she made such a big difference on the field. She was always an awesome goalkeeper, but in her role this year she was top notch.”

MADDIE KLINE, Shippensburg, sr., for: Kline led Shippensburg with 13 goals this season as a powerhouse goal scorer for the 8-9 Lady Hounds. She was third overall in the area with 27 total points, and the top Franklin County goal scorer. She had one assist on the season in addition to more than half a dozen goals. Kline is a returning P.O. first team player, and was selected to the Mid Penn Colonial Division first team.

ZOE HOLTRY, Shippensburg, so., for: Holtry, who is just a sophomore, finished the season as the seventh-ranked scorer throughout Franklin and Fulton Counties, with 21 total points thanks to 10 goals and one assist. Holtry jumped from a P.O. Honorable Mention last year, to a first teamer in 2016. She was also a first-team selection on the Mid Penn Colonial All-Star squad. Holtry is the only non-senior on the P.O. Field Hockey first team.


ARI BURKE, Chambersburg, jr., goalie

LEXI SIBBO, Greencastle-Antrim, sr., mid, 5 goals

MORGAN MENTZER, Chambersburg, jr., mid, 3 G, 3 assists

JORDAN AMSLEY, Chambersburg, sr., for, 3 G, 1 A

MORGAN FETTER, Shippensburg, jr., mid

RACHEL MARCONI, Greencastle-Antrim, sr., for, 4 G, 9 A

ZOE CUTCHALL, Forbes Road, so., goalie

JEAN HART, Greencastle-Antrim, sr., mid, 3 A

COURTNEY COY, Shippensburg, sr., mid, 5 G, 1 A

MADDIE MILLER, Forbes Road, jr., mid, 3 G, 6 A

SHELBY HARNISH, Forbes Road, fr., mid, 2 G, 6 A


Chambersburg — Molly Keefer (so., for), Sage Piper (jr., for), Jessa Corwell (sr., def); Greencastle-Antrim — Alexis Dougherty (so., for), Moriah Ricker (so., for), Bryanna Conway (jr., for); Shippensburg — Kourtney Shoap (so., for), Lexi Alleman (so., for), Rachel Kline (so., mid); Waynesboro — Katie Wise (sr., for), Sara Gsell (sr., for); Forbes Road — Mara Broadwater (so., for), Maiah Mellott (sr., mid), Sierra Everhart (fr.).

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