Greencastle-Antrim Blue Devils

Coach: Scott Gelsinger, 14th year, 168-77-9 (.679).

Last year: 14-7 (9-1 won Mid Penn Colonial Division title); lost 2-0 to Cumberland Valley in District 3-AAA first round.

Returning starters: Brandon Stuhler (jr., for, 16 goals, 4 assists, P.O. 1st Team); Kaleb Hurley (jr., mid, 5, 3, P.O. 2nd Team); Bryson Robinson (jr., goalkeeper, 11 shutouts); Ian Gelsinger (jr., def, 1, 5); Josh Kline (jr., mid, 2, 2); Luke Herman (sr., mid, 2, 4); Damian Sherrill (sr., for, 1 goal).

Other top players: Avery Wenger (jr., def, 3, 1); Kaleb Jentzsch (sr., def, 1 assist); Ben Freeman (jr., def); Tyler Douglas (sr., mid); Luke Ritz (sr., mid, 2 goals); Joe Eberhardt (sr., mid).

Outlook: Scott Gelsinger said, "I think we're playing pretty well up front, but I'm a little worried about the back. Ian was a center mid last year, so everybody's new on defense. The good thing is, Bryson has gotten bigger and he's playing really well. Josh Kline has been doing a great job and Stuhler just has a knack for scoring. It should be a good race for the division with Northern in now."

Notes: Robinson and the four senior backs in front of him last year posted 11 shutouts in the Blue Devils' 14 wins ... G-A scored 38 goals last year and players who scored 32 of them have returned.

Season opener: Sept. 8, at James Buchanan, 7.

Shippensburg Greyhounds

Coach: Warren Jones, 21st year, 222-137-17 (.613).

Last year: 7-9-1 (5-4-1 Mid Penn Colonial Division).

Returning starters: Jackson VanHorne (sr., def, 4 goals, 3 assists, P.O. Honorable Mention); Chandler Olson (sr., for, 1, 2, P.O. HM); Spencer McKenna (jr., goalkeeper); Sterling Shetter (jr., goalkeeper); Kyle Negley (sr., for, 1, 3); Cole Souders (jr., def). 

Other top players: Ian Weikel (sr., for, 3 goals); Jacob Cox (sr., mid, 1, 1); Chase Diehl (sr., mid); Ryzeson Maravich (jr., mid); Eli Hubbard (so., mid, 1 assist); Austin Taylor (jr., def); Kaiden Estep (so., def); Aiden Howard (so., def).

Outlook: "We're excited, and cautiously optimistic," Jones said. "We're young, but I think we're pretty talented. I've pushed this group harder than any in the last six or seven years. We have a mix of seniors and good, young athletes and I just want them to keep growing through this season. Sometimes they can come along quicker than you think they will."

Notes: McCaskey and Lebanon are also in the Reading Tournament this Saturday ... The Hounds will also play Susquehanna Twp. and Susquehannock in the Greencastle Tournament ... Shetter and McKenna will split time in goal, just as they did last year.

Season opener: Saturday, at Reading Tournament, vs. Reading, 9 a.m.

James Buchanan Rockets

Coach: Randy Jarrett, 3rd year, 9-25-3 (.284).

Last year: 1-15-2 (0-10 Mid Penn Colonial Division).

Returning starters: Adam Heintzelman (sr., mid, 2 goals, P.O. 2nd Team); Isaac Shenton (sr., mid, 5, 3, P.O. Honorable Mention); Joel Wadel (sr., mid, P.O. HM); Sean Martin (jr., goalkeeper, P.O. HM); Hunter Sowers (jr., def, 2 goals); Lewis Hose (jr., def); Adam Lippy (jr., mid, 1, 1); Derek Pine (so., mid, 1, 2); Alex Truett (so., for, 4, 1); Connor Fritsche (jr., 3, 1).

Other top players: Jordan Blizzard (so., def).

Outlook: "We've improved from last year, and we lost a lot of close games in the division," Jarrett said. "Even before last year started, we figured we had two years to get it figured out. The leadership and the experience is there. We have almost everybody back, but a guy like Blizzard showed up and earned a starting spot."

Notes: Former Greencastle star Treavor Gelsinger is an assistant coach for JB ... The Rockets had only 16 players on the roster last year; it's up to 21 this year.

Season opener: Saturday, in Big Spring Tournament vs. Camp Hill, 10 a.m.

Waynesboro Indians

Coach: Brian Stum, 4th year, 28-27-1 (.509).

Last year: 7-10-1 (6-4 Mid Penn Colonial Division).

Returning starters: Aaron Tylicki (so., for, 9 goals, 6 assists, P.O. 1st Team); Tim Correll (sr., def, 1 assist, P.O. Honorable Mention); Derek Buhrman (so., for, 2 goals, P.O. HM); Zane Rook (sr., mid); Nathan Cordell (sr., def, 1 assist); Wes Ocker (sr., def, 1 goal); Bruce Neterer (so., def); Jack Estes (jr., mid).

Other top players: Wyatt Feldman (jr., mid); Cruz Rea (jr., for, 2, 1); Peyton Allen (sr., for); John Provard (sr., def); George Souders (jr., goalkeeper).

Outlook: "We're still relatively young, but we've had a year under our belt so I'm seeing better things," Stum said. "Several players were on travel teams outside the area, so that will help. I think our lack of depth could be an issue if we get injuries, because we'd have to adjust some moving parts."

Notes: Spring Grove dropped one of its two games against 'Boro this season because it had too many games ... One of the teams in the Central York Tournament on Saturday is Lewisburg, the defending PIAA Class AA champion.

Season opener: Saturday, at Central York Tournament, vs. Central York, 9.

Fannett-Metal Tigers

Coach: Greg Best, 13th year, 159-77-10 (.667).

Last year: 16-4 (10-2 Sideling Hill League); lost 4-3 to North Star in a District 5-A semifinal.

Returning starters: Mikell McGee (sr., for, 39 goals, 14 assists, P.O. 1st Team): Kyler Goshorn (so., for, 8, 2, P.O. Honorable Mention); Colby Adams (jr., goalkeeper); Wyatt Thorne (sr., def, 4, 2); Lucas Wingert (jr., def, 1 goal); Mikayla O'Donel (sr., for, 2 goals); Dylan Seibert (jr., mid, 3 goals).

Other top players: Brandon Winegardner (jr., mid); Tye Allen (jr., mid, 1 goal); Billy Peppernick (so., def); Frankie Ryder (so., def); Darston Warren (fr., def).

Outlook: Best said, "We lost eight starters, so we have a lot of holes to fill, but I think we can put something together. The underclassmen will get a lot of playing time. The defense is pretty new, so we'll see what we can do there, but we seem to be working well on ball possession."

Notes: McGee has scored 61 goals and has 21 assists in his 3-year career; his 39 tallies last year led the area ... Best said he expects McConnellsburg and Southern Fulton to be the top competition in the Sideling Hill League.

Season opener: Friday, at Rockwood, 4:15.

McConnellsburg Spartans

Coach: Cory Houck, 5th year, 51-22-3 (.691).

Last year: 18-2 (11-1 and won Sideling Hill League title); lost 3-1 to Berlin in a District 5-A semifinal.

Returning starters: Nic Culler (sr., def, 5 goals, 9 assists, P.O. 1st team); Ethan Barclay (sr., for, 12, 9, P.O. Honorable Mention); Cody Parson (sr., def, 2, 1, P.O. HM); Hunter Souders (sr., goalkeeper, 9 shutouts, P.O. HM); Chase Glee (jr., def); Gage Henry (so., mid, 3 assists); Chad Bunch (jr., mid, 4, 2); Josh Booth (jr., mid, 2, 3).

Other top players: Garrett Bunch (fr., def); Landon Seiders (fr., mid); Bryce Kylor (fr., def); Brady Daniels (fr., mid); Dalton Sheffield (so., mid); Ian DeShong (so., mid).

Outlook: Houck said, "We are experienced on defense, and we should be about as strong as last year, with our two center backs and goalkeeper back. It'll boil down to whether we can find the goal - we have to try to replace 76 of the 100 goals we scored last year. Our possession has come along pretty well."

Notes: The Spartans hosted Chambersburg, Greencastle and Trinity for a scrimmage last weekend, and Houck called it "the best competition we've ever seen at our school. We didn't win any of the games, but it was a great experience."

Season opener: Tuesday, at Chestnut Ridge, 4.

Forbes Road Cardinals

Coach: Justin Gelvin, 2nd year.

Last year: 2-15 (0-12 Sideling Hill League).

Returning starters: Aaron Schepis (sr., mid, 12 goals, 1 assist, P.O. Honorable Mention); Lane Kendall (sr., mid, 1 goal); Owen Gilbert (sr., goalkeeper); Talon Blair (jr., for, 1, 2); Brendan Lupey (so., def, 1 goal); Cameron McCabe (sr., for, 1, 1); Caleb Voegel (so., mid); Hunter Martz (so., mid); Levi Truax (so., def).

Other top players: Cameron Duvall (sr., mid, 2 assists); Cole Kendall (so., def); Nolan Wilt (so., def).

Outlook: "Our numbers are much better right now," Gelvin said. "We started with 13 last year and now we have 18. We still have a lot to learn and we have only one junior, but I think we're striding in the right direction. We'll be able to have better practices with the higher numbers. I'd like to think we'll win more this year, but we just want to head in the right direction."

Notes: Three players on the Cardinal roster are co-op players from Tussey Mountain ... For most of the second half of the season in 2015, Forbes Road did not have 11 players available, and played with 10 some games and nine in others.

Season opener: Wednesday, at Everett, 7.

Southern Fulton Indians

Coach: Scott Varner, 4th year, 16-34-1 (.324).

Last year: 5-12-1 (4-7-1 Sideling Hill League).

Returning starters: Chase Varner (sr., mid, 28 goals, 15 assists, P.O. 2nd Team); Benji Voight (sr., mid, 11, 8, P.O. Honorable Mention); Cam McCray (jr., mid, 3, 6); Casey Spade (so., for, 3 goals); Jeremiah Ashkettle (jr., 1, 1); Chris Wilson (sr., def, 1 goal); Jacob Murray (sr., def, 1, 1); Jacob Silver (sr., goalkeeper).

Other top players: Austin Schriever (sr., def); Lydia Hiller (fr., for); Ethan Golden (jr., for, 2, 1); Bailey Burkett (so., goalkeeper); Colby Whiteside (fr., goalkeeper).

Outlook: "We had seven guys playing indoor ball and six played club ball this spring," Scott Varner said, "so the guys did a lot of work in the offseason. Last year we just could not win any good, quality games and lost two in overtime. With our senior leadership we should do better in close games."

Notes: The Indians are hoping this year can produce their first-ever playoff berth ... SF played defending District 5-A champion Berlin in a scrimmage and won 6-0.

Season opener: Friday, at home vs. Hyndman, 4:30.

Shalom Christian Flames

Coach: Chris Lehman, 2nd year.

Last year: 15-4-1 (12-1-1 and won Mason-Dixon Christian Conference regular season and playoff title).

Returning starters: Jonah Stains (sr., for, 19 goals, 17 assists, P.O. 2nd Team); Chase Martin (sr., mid, 11, 13, P.O. Honorable Mention); Peter Livermore (jr., for, 8 goals); Tucker King (sr., for, 9, 5); Travis West (jr., goalkeeper); Micah Lehman (sr., goalkeeper); Mikey White (sr., def, 1 assist); Mason Schaffer (sr., def, 1 assist); Jacob Nicholas (jr., def, 1, 2); Jerry Min (sr., mid, 3, 3); Tanner Gibble (sr., mid, 3, 1). 

Other top players: Zach Edwards (so., def, 1 goal); Tobin King (so., mid).

Outlook: Chris Lehman said, "We've got a target on our back, but every year is different. You can look good on paper, but you can't take that for granted. We're pretty heavy on seniors and it's nice to have that leadership. These guys have plenty of experience and have played together for many years."

Notes: The Flames won the MDCC regular season and playoff title last year and return nine starters ... Lehman said Shenandoah Valley may be Shalom's biggest test in the league.

Next game: Tuesday, at Faith Christian, 5.

Cumberland Valley Christian Blazers

Coach: Stan Hott, 5th year, 42-53-1 (.443).

Last year: 10-18 (3-11 Mason-Dixon Christian Conference).

Returning starters: Sterling Bard (sr., mid, 15 goals, 14 assists, P.O. 2nd Team); Eric Woo (jr., mid, 15, 7, P.O. Honorable Mention); Jackson Park (sr., mid, 8, 8); Spencer Propst (sr., def, 3, 6); Kenneth Hott (jr., for, 2, 8); David Bolich (sr., def); Eli Black (so., goalkeeper, 3, 5). 

Other top players: Grant Carter (so., def, 1, 2); Tristan Horn (so., def); Joel Vandersleen (so., mid); Nick Park (so., mid).

Outlook: "I think a lot will depend on how the exchange students do and how they play together, because there are different styles," Stan Hott said. "We have a big learning curve, but we could be decent."

Notes: The Blazers played an area-high 28 games last fall ... Hott said Shalom Christian is the MDCC favorite again: "Shalom will be Shalom," and also thinks Shenendoah Valley will be in contention. 

Next game: Friday, at home vs. Shenandoah Valley, 5:15.


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