Colin Young and Ethan Schwartz are two of the top performers for the Central York/Dallastown CPIHL team. After their most recent game against Penn Manor, the two answered six questions to help us get to know them a little bit better.

If you could skate with any current or former NHLer who would it be?

Colin Young: “Probably Evgeni Malkin just cause he’s cool. He’s a great player, I love his attitude and I think he plays for the right reasons.”

Ethan Schwartz: “I’d pick Evgeny Kuznetsov. He’s a young rookie. He’s fantastic and I think he’s going to be an all-star in the league eventually.”

Who is your favorite NHL team and why?

CY: “The Washington Capitals. I guess I just wanted to rebel against my parents. Their Pittsburgh Penguins fans.”

ES: “I’m a Washington Capitals fan. I got into hockey because of my cousins so I picked the team they stayed with. They live down in (Washington) D.C. so I was kind of forced into it by them.”

What is your pregame ritual?

CY: “I always do everything left to right. So left shin guard, right shin guard. Left elbow pad, right elbow pad. It has to be left to right. Definitely."

ES: “Nothing really. I just keep it loose and try not to think about the game too much. If I get over psyched I end up not playing as well.”

What was your best on ice moment?

CY: “When I got a rebound that was in the air and I hit it like it was a baseball, and scored. That was a couple years ago. I couldn’t do it twice if I tried.”

ES: "I’d say it was my first hockey goal. It was my first game ever back six years ago and it was a last minute goal. We ended up winning the game like 5-3 or something. It wasn’t that spectacular, but it was just like a last minute thing and it hocked me onto hockey. That’s what I contribute to why I stayed with the sport.”

What was the funniest moment that has happened to you on the ice?

CY: “One of those times – it happens to everybody – when your just going with the puck and it’s just behind you 10 feet later. You’re like, ‘I don’t know how it got there.’ It’s just behind me and I lost it.”

ES: “Probably my first year I went out and my friend just kind of pranked me. We both started the game together and he put a piece of tape on my skate. I fell face first my first shift.”

What was the coolest moment on the ice you’ve ever had?

CY: “Probably just my greatest hit ever. I just opened ice hit. The kid had his head turned and down he went.”

ES: “I had a hockey camp up at Penn State. Just getting to play with all those college players was really cool. They’re out there just to help you and being there for a week they just talked to you and told you what it was like. That was probably some of the coolest moments up there.”

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