Zoie Cleary is a sophomore Track and Field athlete at Hanover High School

What events do you participate in?
4x800 relay, mile, 2-mile and occasionally 4x400

What other sports do you play?
Track and Field, Volleyball, and Basketball

Do you have a favorite sport?
Track is probably my favorite

When did you start running track?
Just last year (Freshman year)

What is it about track that you enjoy?
I like running in general.  I really like competing.  I like trying to win as much as I can and be the best I can.

How are you doing this season?
This is the first time I am doing the 2-mile.  So far I am undefeated in the 2-mile thisseason.  I think I am also undefeated in the mile.  Our 4x800 relay team is doingawesome this year.  We just broke theschool record at the last meet that we did

What is the highlight of your career so far?
Districts last year was pretty exciting.  I came in 5th for the mile.  Breaking the school recordfor the relay team was exciting too.

What is one junk food you cannot live without?
Saltine goldfish

What is your favorite tv show?
Pretty Little Liars

What is your favorite night before a big meet meal?

What is a song you listen to before a race to get you fired up?
Written in the Stars- Tinie Tempah
What is the best advice you have ever received?
It would be from my parents and sister.  They push me to always try to do my bestand be the best I can possibly be.

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