I was at York's Memorial Park on Thursday, where not even whipping winds and heavy rains could completely wash away the brilliant pitching performance pieced together by New Oxford's Caroline Brehm. The senior had thrown six perfect innings, before the game was called in the bottom of the six with the Colonials up, 3-0, over Hempfield. Here is a brief, by the numbers look at the senior righthander's day: 68 -- Pitches Brehm threw Thursday 57 -- Pitches Brehm threw for a strike. 32 -- Pitches that resulted in swings and misses 14 -- Consecutive batters Brehm struck out to start the game 15 -- Strikeouts Brehm finished with in six innings. 0 -- Balls hit out of the infield 2 -- Three-ball counts thrown by Brehm on the day 0 -- Runs New Oxford has allowed in two district games so far

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