With the 2015 spring sports season just getting underway, five area athletes answered questions about five topics ranging from biggest rivalries in the YAIAA to favorite places to play.

Question: First up, other than your own home field, where is  your favorite place to play?

Sam Richards, Spring Grove girls lacrosse: University of Maryland. I went there for a lacrosse camp over the summer and it was hard, but completely worth it to play on the Terps' turf.

Braxtin Reddinger, New Oxford girls lacrosse: I would say my favorite place to play would have to be Spring Grove because they have an awesome turf field.

Emily Albright, Hanover softball: Probably Gettysburg because they have a nice field.

Michael Rider, Delone Catholic baseball: York Revolution’s Santander Stadium.

Zachary Hughes, South Western boys lacrosse: I think my favorite place to play other than our home field would be Central York.

They always have a great atmosphere for lacrosse up there that you don’t see at a lot of other schools.

-Who’s your team’s biggest rival and why?

Richards: South Western of course, because South Western is Spring Grove's rival no matter what.

Reddinger: That would have to be Spring Grove because it’s usually a pretty close game and it always seems like Spring Grove wins one year, then New Oxford wins the next.

Albright: I would have to say Delone Catholic. It has always been a long-standing rivalry.

Rider: Hanover because they’re a cross-town rival and we just don’t like them plain and simple.

Hughes: Definitely Spring Grove. We don’t like them, they don’t like us, and it’s always an exciting game to play in.

-What's your favorite sport to play other than this one?

Richards: Field hockey. But lacrosse is hands down my favorite.

Reddinger: That would have to be field hockey.

Albright: Field hockey.

Rider: Football. Nothing beats the brotherhood.

Hughes: Football.

-Have any gameday routines or superstitions?

Richards: I listen to the song "Headstrong" before every game. It gets me in a confident mindset. It reaffirms my confidence that I can take on anyone.

Reddinger: I don’t have any except before every game, Raleigh Bateman and I have a handshake.

Albright: I always listen to music before the game. Even while I’m warming up, you can probably catch me singing. It keeps me calm.

Rider: Say a rosary with “Momma Rider” and watch the movie ‘Rudy’ with my brothers.

Hughes: I usually put new tape on my stick before every game so it’s a little more grippy. And it’s probably silly, but I always put my left cleat on before my right cleat. It’s just something I’ve done forever and I guess it’s a lucky habit.

-Who is the toughest goalie/pitcher in the league to go up against?

Richards: Up until last week I would've said South Western's. But after last week's "Lax play day" at Central, Dallastown's goalie gave our team a little trouble.

Reddinger: The toughest goalie would have to be Laura Silver (South Western). I played with her for many years and I know what she is capable of and how awesome she is in goal. Sometimes it feels like you can’t get anything by her.

Albright: The toughest pitcher would be Madeline Yanetti from Gettysburg and the toughest batter would be Kaitlin Barron from Fairfield. She is always a solid hitter.

Rider: The toughest pitcher would be my teammate Hunter Keith and his wicked splitter.

Hughes: Definitely our goalie Nick Raynor. He’s very good at watching shooters’ eyes and he knows how to cut off the ball very well.


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