Brandon Stoneburg: I'd like to formally introduce my new teammate and colleague, Zach Miller. He has been out covering sports in the area for about a week now and doing a great job. Together, we'll have you covered in the Hanover-Adams area, no problem. Give him a follow on Twitter @ZachMiller_ES.

Anyway, I asked Zach to give a few first impressions since he has been in Pa. His thoughts on the York-Adams area are below.

Zach Miller: I’ve been with the Evening Sun and for a week now, and I’ve had to answer some form of this question multiple times everyday I’ve been here: “You moved here from Florida? In the middle of the coldest winter ever? Are you crazy?”

So let me answer this once for all of my new readers: No, I’m not crazy.

I’ve done this winter thing many times before. I grew up across the Delaware River in New Jersey (where the winters are cold), and went to college at the University of Missouri (where the winters are frigid) before spending a year-and-a-half in Florida working for a small paper on the state’s Gulf Coast.

Yes, winter weather in Florida is fantastic, but that’s really the only time of year the weather is pleasant there. The summer, which lasts from about March through October, gets old quickly. Everyday is the same: 95 degrees, coupled with such intense humidity that you sweat as soon as you walk outside, and the skies open with a torrential downpour at 4 p.m. So, while I miss the warmth now, I’ll take the four seasons here in Hanover.

But enough about the weather. There’s way more to it than that. I’m thrilled to be back within driving distance of my family and friends in New Jersey, it’s a luxury I really missed during nearly six years in Missouri and Florida. And I’m even more excited to be part of the Evening Sun and teams, which do digital-first journalism as well as anyone.

I can’t wait to cover all the teams in the Hanover-Adams area and get to know everyone better. Feel free to say hi, or to banter with me about baseball (I'm a Yankees fan), if you see me out at games, meets and other events.

But please don’t ask me if I’m crazy.


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