Last week we looked at which schools had the most wins in fall sports. This week, we're looking at which Hanover-Adams school has the most boys' basketball wins of all time. There are some storied programs with plenty of tradition, but the rankings may surprise you.

And the winner is.........

The Squires of Delone Catholic!

If you're having trouble reading the graph above, the rankings are listed below. Notice that not all of the programs started at the same exact time, so the rankings could be slightly skewed. Check back later this week for the girl's basketball all-time wins list.

1. Delone Catholic 1,081 wins since 1940

2. Hanover 1,053 since 1923

3. Spring Grove 1,011 since 1923

4. New Oxford 669 since 1956

5. Gettysburg 613 since 1965

6. Littlestown 526 since 1965

7. South Western 501 since 1959

8. Bermudian Springs 399 since 1965

9. Biglerville 375 since 1966

10. Fairfield 170 since 1965

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