I recently did an interview with Shippensburg offensive lineman and Delone Catholic grad

Jason Brady. After a very successful college career, Brady recently signed a contract to play for the Harrisburg Stampede of the Professional Indoor Football League.  The story will run in the next several days but I asked him four hard hitting questions. Brady can handle the heat of a blitz, but can he handle these questions. You be the judge.

Did your quarterback get the offensive line anything for Christmas?No Zach (Zulli) didn't. I didn't even think of that. Maybe I will give him a call when we get off here and tell him he needs to pay up. Zach is a good friend of mine. He is a good guy.

How much damage do you do at a buffet? (Brady is 6-foot-3, 310-pounds)My favorite buffet is Ryan's Steakhouse. You can get an unlimited amount of steak and they also have shrimp, so I can get a lot of surf and turf going on. I tell you what, I love going to the buffet but when I go, I always have the mindset that I have to get my money's worth. I make sure that when I go, I have already gotten everything done for the day that I needed to because I am probably not going to be doing much action after that.

Talk about the thrill of decleating someone.It is a great feeling, an incredible feeling. If you don't get a thrill out of that, then maybe you shouldn't play football.

The NCAA is meeting to discuss the possibility of paying college athletes, what are your thoughts?I don't really have any thoughts. I will say from experience, NCAA athletes, whether it is division 1, 2 or 3, they put in a lot of time. If the NCAA wants to pay them, they will. I am very neutral on that

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